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The exam table's condition says a lot about your working style and experience in the medical line.


We provide the highest quality materials experience to the health care community. We offer many different fabrics to fit your specific need.


We provide Upholstery Replacement for:


  • Hospitals,

  • Medical Centers,

  • Orthopedic Surgeons,

  • Family Practice,

  • Urgent Care Facilities,

  • Occupational Medicine, 

  • Chiropractic,

  • Dental,

  • Orthodontists,

  • Podiatry, 

  • Retirement Homes,

  • Rehabilitation Facilities,  

  • Gymnasium Equipment, 

  • Massage Clinics,

  • Nursing Schools,

  • Community Centers

  • Physical Therapy Centers,

  • Fitness Centers,

  • Commercial 

  • Gym Equipment


And any other surface at your medical facility needs reupholstered.


Don't purchase a new exam table, let DiCarlo Upholstery, re-cover your worn pads.  


Wanting a fresh new decor? We have many colors to match your theme to a modern pallet.


We use ANTI-MICROBIAL vinyl, to help with sanitary issues.


We offer the appropriate heavy duty materials, for more durability of everyday use.


The goal, as always,done right the first time,providing our clients with the quality and service they expect, GUARANTEED!  Please call or send an e-mail, you will be pleasantly surprised with the prompt and professional service.  

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