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Cancellation and Refund Policy


For cancellations a portion of, or all of, your deposit is refundable in the following manner: 

1. If you cancel right away, and we have incurred no costs or time on the job, then a full refund will be issued to you, less any bank fees.

2. If you gave us a check, and we have not yet deposited it into the bank, we will simply return the check to you.

3. If we have already deposited the check then your refund will not be issued until your check has cleared the bank.

4. If any fabrics or supplies have been ordered for your job, the charges for these items (as specified on the Work Order) will be deducted from your deposit and those items will be turned over to you along with the remainder of your deposit. 

5. If we have done any work on your job, our labor charges for the work done will also be deducted from the deposit.

6. If we have had any other costs or time incurred, those charges will be deducted from the deposit. 
The remaining amount of your deposit will be refunded to you. 

7. If the charges of those items are more than your deposit, then, after applying the deposit towards those items, the balance will be billed to you. 

8. If your furniture is not in a suitable condition for us to proceed with the job, we may refuse to do the work and refund some or all of your deposit in accordance with the preceding terms. 

9. Since all the products are final, we do not offer refund or exchanges; in case, we can offer a reevaluation of the job was done.

This policy may be updated or changed at any time without prior notice. 


(effective 2014)

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